The difference between smoking and vaping is, smoking produces the nicotine by burning tobacco while vaping produces it by heating a liquid in a way that is much less harmful than smoking.
Smoking is bad for you, because of the toxins that are produced, while the tobacco is burnt. Vaping is not harmless but is less harmful than smoking and can help you to quit because it offers a similar experience to you of smoking a cigarette.

Health effects
Studies point to vaping in fact being better than smoking. Public Health England stated that electronic cigarettes are 95 percent safer than smoking.
Vaping has not been associated with any health-related risks, whereas smoking is associated with several of them. So, by making the switch you can substantially reduce the major health risks.

There are people that believe that it is the nicotine in cigarettes that cause cancer and heart diseases, but in fact, Nicotine does not cause smoke-related diseases and is only a form of addiction. Transitioning from smoking to vaping also has a number of health benefits: Faster and fuller hair growth, less coughing, better sleeping, recovering of your senses like being able to smell and taste better again and lastly a lower risk of diabetes, due to blood vessels working better and helping the heart and lungs.


Vaping is not addictive like smoking is unless you are vaping a liquid that contains nicotine. There are nicotine-free options known as 0 mg that are smoked for the pleasure of the flavor and not to get the people addicted. Vaping can in fact help you to quit smoking. A study was published by Harvard Health and showed that 18 percent of people that used vaping to stop smoking did. It can be done easily with having the want, need, and motivation.

Vaping is substantially cheaper than smoking. The cost you spend on vaping depends on the person, the device that is used, and the level of vaping. The most expensive part about vaping is the device and the type of brand of the liquids you choose to vape. It does not have to be expensive, there are other alternative options, like the cheap vape pens. These vape pens are great to start off with.

Effect on the environment
Vaping’s effect on the environment is much less than cigarettes. It has been estimated, that smokers are responsible for as much as 84875 tons of air pollution annually. In contrast, e-cigarettes produce no side-stream smoke but rather vapor, which is much less harmful to the environment.

Using vaporizers in places where you can’t smoke
There are no laws that restrict where you can vape although there are company policies in place in some locations. Examples are airports, sports stadiums, hospitals, and shops. Remember to be respectful, do not vape where you were not allowed to smoke, or rather ask permission just to make sure.
Second-hand vapor vs second-hand smoking
Studies are still ongoing on the topic if the second-hand vapour is dangerous for your children, and so far, the results strongly indicate that passive vaping possesses little danger if any. They have managed to show that passive vaping is a non- existent problem. Where people who are around smokers have a higher risk of smoking-related disorders. Although second-hand smoking doesn’t show any danger, keep your vaporizers and liquid out of the reach of your children.

Vapor can be smelled but only for a few seconds. The vapor cloud will clear within 2 minutes. Vapour consists of heating Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, along with flavoring until it atomizes. There will be no smell absorbed through clothing, curtains and car seats not the same can be said about smoking as the odor clings to clothing, skin, hair, and your environment.

When vaping it does not affect the color of your teeth or discolor or leave temporary stains on your fingers as cigarettes do.

By vaping you have many options on how to customize your vaporizers. Vaporizers rangers in different sizes and colors and different flavors, where smoking you don’t have such a big variety. There is a big range of different types of vaporizers this includes:
• Dry herb vapes
• E-liquid vapes
• Wax and concentrate vaporizers
• Portable vapes
• Wax/oil vapes
• Social and casual vaping
• Medicinal vaping and much more

You can even try to experiment with the different types of flavors you get like the Wild Mystery Flavours: Cowboy Cooler, NZT-48 and One Size fits all being the top-selling mysteries. Excitingly you even get accessories and parts to customize your vaporizer, like the full ceramic cartridge for the Nano Plus that is coil-less and perfect for oils. Get creative and get customizing.

Go visit the website and make the healthier option and switch to the Hippie Nano plus. It has a magnetic connection instead of your typical screw-in interface. It is the world’s smallest vaporizer for liquid. A true tiny vape that packs a changeable voltage control and even a preheating function. This supermini vaporizer designed for discretion easily fits in your pocket or purse is invisible in your hand and travels well thanks to its compact size.

We can see that vaping is after all the better options being less harmful than smoking and causing little to no health effects. Most importantly studies have shown that vaping around others does not show any results of danger. Vaping does not affect your appearance by leaving yellow stains on your fingers or even leaving an unpleasant smell on your clothes. It gives you so many options to choose from like different exciting flavors, shapes, and sizes making it easy for you to carry around in your daily life. Something that is great news to your ears and pockets, is that vaping is much cheaper than cigarettes. So, there you have it guys switch to vaping not only will your lungs thank you, but your purse will do too.