In this article, we discuss different the advantages and advancements of a rechargeable and disposable vape pen.

Rechargeable or Disposable Vape Pen

Vaping is popular, and the demand for vaporizers has increased since many smokers have decided to quit regular smoking while some non smokers believe it is classy to vape. The number of vape users out there has increased significantly. The number of vape users has gone from 7 million to 41 million in a span of 7 years. It is assumed that this figure will reach 55 million by the end of 2020.

There are several options for you to choose from if you ever plan on buying a vape, Due to this you will remain uncertain as to which one is the best for you. However, no need to worry, today we have brought you a quick guide for you. This guide will clarify some unanswered questions in your mind and will help you select the best vape pen.

Huge clouds mean that the quality of your vape pen is good. Other than the clouds, you must stay conscious about your health too. Therefore, the discussion here focuses on some common differences between rechargeable and disposable vape pens, which will help you understand more about vape pens.

The vaping industry is growing quite rapidly, and the number of varieties of vape pens is increasing too. First of all, you need to understand what a rechargeable and disposable vape pen is, and what the benefits of the vape pen are.

The battery of your vape pen is perhaps the most important thing because it decides how long your vape pens will last. Whether you use a disposable vape pen or a rechargeable one, both are worthy investments. This is because they will provide you outstanding reliability and experience.



As it is mentioned above, there are two main categories of vape pens: the rechargeable one, and the disposable one. A rechargeable vape pen commonly refers to a battery device used for vaping with a range of vaporizers and cartridges. On the other hand, the disposable vape pen is one unit consisting of an internal battery. It doesn’t only contain battery, but also a pre-filled tank and a coil. You can neither recharge nor refill your disposable battery. You have to dispose of it when it’s exhausted.

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Disposable Vape Pen

Disposable vape pens offer you a convenient and compact option. People who smoke prefer disposable vape pens due to which they are taking over the market. 


  1. Disposable vape pens are pre-filled, so you don’t have to be an expert to vape. It is perfect for you if you know the limit of the vape you need, and don’t want to discover additional preferences. Beginners often prefer disposable vape occasionally, but an expert will look into the lasting feature and cost of his or her vape.
  2. You don’t need to charge disposable vape pens, which is a great thing because you can use it all the time unless it dries off. The life of its battery is perfectly timed to match the oil usage inside the cartridge.
  3. Disposable vape pens are cheaper than rechargeable pens. So, if you buy a disposable vape, you might can save some money.
  4. For beginners, a vaping experience with disposable pens is perhaps the best way to go. Through this, you can be sure of the vape pens and also make an informative choice for a long-lasting vape experience.


  1. For people who vape continuously, disposable vape pens are quite expensive. The cost of a vape will pile up promptly for a regular user. 
  2. When the filling finishes, the disposable vape is no longer useful for you. You will end up buying a new disposable vape pen and maybe more than you think you need.
  3. You can have only one twist per vape pen, no diverse twist vaping. With this feature, you can strike the sweetest dot by error.
  4. There are limited options with using disposable vape pens.

As you can see, the disposable vape pen comes with some great advantages. However, it has its fair share of disadvantages too.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Rechargeable Vape Pen

A rechargeable vape pen needs maintenance, and you can remove the mouthpiece habitually for cleaning purposes. You can adjust the temperature in some of these vapes, and also you can switch from dry herb to oil or wax.


  1. It is rechargeable, and you can use it regularly. Thus, you will feel great about plugging it into a switchboard like a mobile charger.
  2. Rechargeable vape pens also contain replaceable cartridges.
  3. You will have pre-filled cartridges available.
  4. Rechargeable vape pens are cheaper than disposable pens because they are a onetime investment. Also, the refill of your vape (cartridge) will cost you less than a disposable pen. 
  5. You can also modify the content with different twists.


  1. Every time you have to recharge your vape, before you use it because, without proper charging, your vape pen will not work. 
  2. For beginners, rechargeable vapes are more expensive than disposable ones.

How Long Disposable Vape Pens Last?

When you start vaping, the first thing that bothers a person is “How long will my vape last?” Well, the answer to that question totally depends on the type of vape you have bought.  

Disposable vape pens are the greatest growing segments in the legal cannabis market. They are trending in vaporizing industry due to their price and convenience. However, every disposable vape doesn’t have the same quality. The longevity of your disposable vape depends on its manufacturing.

High-quality vapes present huge convenience and value without compromising on experience. They allow users to have every advantage of the disposable vape, along with the consistency of a reusable device. You don’t get rechargeable batteries for a disposable vape pen. So, once your battery is dead, and the vape pen has exhausted its purpose, you can dispose of the vape. 

Vape pens are built with a powerful battery, and your oil will last until the battery runs out. Other factors might affect the longevity of your disposable vape, but it depends on how you use teh vape too. Moreover, if you’re vaping regularly, on a daily basis, , you disposable pen will reach the end of its life quicker. 


Hence, disposable vape pens carry approximately 300mg of oil. How long the oil lasts depends on the user. The number of hits you take will vary in terms of frequency and intensity, but for an average user, it would last you hardly more than 20 to 30. You can use this information according to your needs.

How Long Does A Rechargeable Vape Pen Last?

Just because a vape pen says it’s rechargeable, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have a long life. A lot depends on how you use the vape.

The life of a rechargeable vape pen battery will depend on how often you use the device. But a fully charged battery will last around 300 puffs. According to experts, you must change the battery after every one year of usage. Rechargeable vape batteries can provide you the right amount of power to vaporize the oil within the cartridge. 

Using a battery that is too powerful for your vape pen, can easily burn the cartridge, and make it unusable. However, vape pens have batteries that are gauged suitably to match the cartridge needs precisely. Conventionally, the batteries of a vape pen vary from 400mAh to 1100mAh. Yet, there are few devices with extreme power. In fact, some vape pens are approximately as powerful as pod mod vaporizers, which typically contain far more superior batteries.

Your vape pen batteries will carry specifications, which is written in mAh (milliampere-hour). The mAh (milliampere-hour) is a unit of measure for battery life. Batteries with a high mAh (milliampere-hour) value must allow a larger period of usage before you need to charge it again. Even though a small 300mAh (milliampere-hour) battery should last for a day, but it depends upon how often you vape too. Moreover, it depends on the size of the vape cart, but not on the concentration. You will get hits between 50-150 (puffs) only if the vape cart is 0.5ml.

How Many Hits Do You Get From A Disposable Vape Pen?

The number of hits a disposable vape can take depends on different factors. For example, it depends on how much the manufacturer fills the vape pen. A 5ml (milliliter) fill should allow you to get about 225 hits, whereas a .25ml fill offers around 120-125 hits. For vapes with adjustable options, below are some more factors:

  1. Temperature
  2. Length of draw
  3. Vape substance


How much oil gets burned depends on the temperature setting. The higher the temperature, the quicker you burn away the oil. Controlling the temperature can help you manage your oil more effectively. It also decides how long your oil will last. Reliable temperature controls offer a consistent experience and predictable duration for disposable vape pens.


The lengthier your draw, the more oil gets used. A larger dosage means the cartridge empties quicker. To find the correct balance for your draw length, you can extend the lasting duration of your vape oil.


Whatever you are vaping can directly leave an impact on your disposable vaporizer. For instance, if you are using oil, the viscosity of the oil will be lower than shatter or waxes. So, the waxes and shatters will take less energy to transform into vapors. Due to this, a high temperature is required. Hence, the high temperatures usually means that dabbing uses up the materials in a fewer hits. Moreover, vape pens require low temperatures for vaping to save wax and energy.

How Many Hits Do You Get From A Rechargeable Vape Pen?

A rechargeable vape pen cartridge normally comes in two sizes, .5 grams or 1 gram. A .5 gram size will naturally give way 150 hits, while you get 300 hits from a packed gram cartridge. A vape hit is generally considered to be almost 3-5mg depending on inhaling duration. 

Can You Refill a Disposable Vape Pen?

A disposable vape pen is made to use and dispose of when you finish your cartridge. You cannot refill or reuse them.

Here are the reasons behind disposing of the disposable pen;

  • Once the coil of your vape completes a full lifecycle, its performance starts declining.
  • To use disposables again, you need a professional filling machine. Thus, their design is not the best option for manual filling.
  • For the best experience and your safety, you should dispose of your vape pens once you use all the oil.

Can You Refill Rechargeable Vape Pen?

A vape pen has quite a solid source of power that heats up a vape cartridge to create vapor. They have rechargeable battery devices that are cylindrical and pocket-sized. These rechargeable battery devices allow you to recharge your vape pen before using it. 

Whenever the word “vape pen” is mentioned, most of us think of e-cigarettes. This is because, in 2010, e-cigarettes were quite popular before vaping pens. Due to the rise of vape pens, the vaporizer market hit a revaluation among them. Rather than offering a single e-cigarette, they now recommend vape pens with larger battery capacity and longer running times. With a vape pen, you can swap atomizers for cartridges. 


If you have firmly decided to start vaping and are still unsure as to which vape is best for you, you should look at other factors too. Since there are many vape options, look into those categories and find one that not only fits your budget but offers you something that you desire in your vape.

To conclude, rechargeable and disposable vape pens have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. We have mentioned all you need to know regarding these vapes. Now the decision is in your hands to make the right choice.