“Small Vape, OMinous Vaping Experience” – That is how AirVape describes
their tiniest family member. Don’t let its size fool you. With the Airvape OM you
get a compact vape pen design, with a real power house hiding inside. Ohh and I
almost forgot the coolest part… It is a keychain!

The AirVape brand is rightly famous for their gorgeous dry herb vaporizers. They
are showing an impressive line up that is definitely led by the Airvape X and their
recent release, the Legacy. But if you scroll through their websites you will
shortly find out that everything these guys touch turns into something elegant,
unique and highly functional piece of design.

The vaping world is evolving at the
speed of light and expert vapers often favor their dry herb
devices just because that’s how you can get the most out of substances in their
most natural from. But let’s be honest. Not every life situation allows you to stack
your vaporizer with loose leaf herbs and that’s when the OM comes into the
picture. As AirVape says “the OM is Powerful, Discreet and Inexpensive, lean,
mean vaping machine” Not long ago they have released and article about their
super cool device, that is a must have in your life.

Wax and oil concentrate enthusiasts listen up because I am abut to tell you
what will make the Airvape OM your best friend. I am going to mention its specks
just in a second, but let me start with something that definitely catches the
attention. The $59 price is unbeatable for a device that has 2 different caps to
hide your different cartridges plus a third one that covers the included ceramic
plate atomizer with the glass mouthpiece. This is important, because when you
buy something for your main or your second device it is always a point to don’t
break the bank, but still get something worthy of your money.

The OM despite of its size is super powerful, that hits like a dream yet it is so
discreet no one could ever tell what this cool looking keychain is actually about.
The pieces are connecting magnetically, including the USB charging adapter that
you also just need to snap and plug. It is a beautiful on-the-go experience that
comes with a stylish leather or carbon fiber finish. Using a vape pane has never
been easier. Click one button to power it ON and OFF. You can also choose your
preferred voltage settings that you can follow on the little led indicator. It comes
with 3 interchangeable caps and compatible with almost any 510 thread profiles
on the market. This wax pen is a no brainer, it is small, easy to hide and
extremely simple to use with a twist of style and elegance.

Are you the person who always looking for its keys? I doubt that this is going to
be an issue anymore. Just hang the OM on it and I grantee you won’t loose it
again. Once you got this vape pan, there is no way you letting it out of your sight,
or the palm of your hand 😉